750 Hours Pilates Teacher Certificate Training Program 
Left and Right Pilates Education
Course Breakdown

Module Description
1. Mat 1 Pilates Instructor  
Pilates History
  Pilates Principles
  Biomechanics of Breathing
  Posture Clinic
  Skeleton System and Alignment
  Neutral Position for Pelvis and Spine
  The Analysis for Shoulder Girdle
  The Analysis of Shoulder Mobility and Stability
  Pilates Tools
  Fundamental Pilates Movements
  Movements and Modifications
  Intermediate level Movements
  Advanced level Movements
On Campus Hours 39
Practical Hours 20
2. Mat 2 Pilates Instructor  
Pilates Principles
  Analysis for Intermediate and Advanced Movements
  Basic Mat Movements Category
  Transition Techniques and Safety
  Cautions for Special Groups and Safety
  Pilates Tools
  Shoulder Girdle Series
  Balance Series
  Holding and Pushing Series
  Pilates Stretch and Release
  Teaching Methodology
  Pilates Training for Special Groups
  Pilates for Low Back Pain
  Pilates for Scoliosis
  Pilates for Disc Herniation
  Pilates for Post-Partum Rehabilitation
On Campus Hours 39
Practical Hours 20
3. 3D Anatomy and Human Kinetics  
Human Skeleton System
  Bone structure and Clinical Practice
  Joint and Functional Movements
  Muscular System
On Campus Hours 55
Practical Hours 20
4. Pilates Equipment and Machines  
  Wunda Chair
  Ladder Barrel
  Magic Circle
  Spine Corrector
  Balance Cushion
  Step Barrel
  Resistance Band
On Campus Hours 52
Practical Hours 30
5.  Swiss Ball Spinal Rehab Course Swiss Ball for neck pain
  Swiss Ball for low back pain
  The mechanics of balance training
  Fundamental movements
  Moderate movements
  Advanced movements
On Campus Hours 26
Practical Hours 15
6. Pilates Exercise Therapy for Scoliosis The Scoliosis types
  Common ways of treating scoliosis
  How Pilates and exercise can help with scoliosis
  Manual techniques
  The Pilates movements
  Human Anatomy and Scoliosis
On Campus Hours 34
Practical Hours 60
7. Pilates Exercise Therapy for Cervical Spondylosis The cervical spondylosis types
  Common ways to treat spondylosis
  How Pilates and exercises can help with spondylosis
  Manual techniques
  The Pilates movements
  Human Anatomy that related to Spondylosis
On Campus Hours 32
Practical Hours 60
8. Pilates for Prenatal and Post-Partum The stages of pregnancy
  Pilates movements for the first trimester
  Pilates movements for the second trimester
  Pilates movements for the third trimester
  How to read pregnant check up report
  The position of the Baby
  The position of the placenta
  Nutrients for prenatal and postpartum
  Pilates for postpartum
On Campus Hours 38
Practical Hours 20
9. Gong Yoga and Pilates Gong Yoga for prenatal and postnatal
  Gong Yoga and Pilates
On Campus Hours 25
Practical Hours 6
10. Sensory Integration and Pilates Theory of sensory integration
  How to train sensory integration
  Sensory integration and Pilates
On Campus Hours 25
Practical Hours 6
11. Clinical Practice Hours Location: Sino-German Orthopedics Hospital
  Duty: Students must attend the internship and practice the skill in the hospital with patients
Practical Hours 128
Total Hours 750
Note: The practical hours must be done at studios and sign by clients
  The practical hour sheet must be submitted within one month of the on-campus course
  Students must finish all the courses before he/she can get the certificate
  Students who have only finished partial courses cannot receive the certificate